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ORA.mirror compared to other standby and high availavility solutions is extremly inexpensive but not to beat in power and features. There is no need for a expensive Oracle Enterprise Edition or a complex cluster.
ORA.mirror already works with the Oracle Express Edition and is available for these as freeware.
! ORA.LogMiner is a separate product !

For each production database (PRIMARY), an ORA.mirror License is necessary. This means it must be licensed only the PRIMARY regardless of the associated number of mirrors.
i.E.: 1 x PRIMARY + 3 x MIRROR = 1 x license or 3 x PRIMARY + 6 x MIRROR = 3 x licenses
For Free- and Personal-Edition, we basically provide free support via email. Requests are usually within 1 - 5 business days worked.
Enhanced support, such as Remote sessions are charged on a time.
For Standard One and higher, a maintenance contract is necessary.
All prices quoted are exclusive of applicable VAT (value added tax) in Euro.

ORA.mirror Lizenz Oracle      
ORA.mirror Freeware for Oracle Expresse Edition for free


ORA.mirror Personal for Oracle Personal Edition 179,00  (incl. 213,01)
ORA.Mirror Standard One for Oracle Standard Edition One on request  
ORA.mirror Standard for Oracle Standard Edition on request  
ORA.mirror Enterprise for Oracle Enterprise Edition on request  
ORA.LogMiner Lizenz (new) all editions 41,18 (incl. 49,00)
If you use our freeware, we would appreciate a donation.

We volume discounts for groups on request.
Resellers are welcome!
If we are allowed to add your company name with logo on our reference list,
 we give you a discount of 15% on the net price.

Send us an email with needed informations to

You will receive an invoice after processing in pdf format. After payment we will send you the appropriate license file which must be copied to the program directory of the Primary and Mirror.


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