New: Version 2.0 with a simplier setup-routine and new features now as download available! Including Freeware Version for use with Oracle Express Edition!

Are you looking for a low cost solution to ensure high-availability for your Oracle databases. ORA.mirror offers functionalities comparable to a cluster solution.
ORA.mirror is able to synchronize two or more independent database systems. It's possible to sync one or more databases in time to the productive database and to have delayed mirrors for fast restore operator errors.

If the production database fails or crash, one defined mirror database becomes to productive. The new productive database takes the cluster-ip for the new connections of your clients. For the client, this means only a reconnect.
  • No Oracle Enterprise Edition neccesary!
  • Runs under Windows with Oracle 8, 9i, 10g, 11g
  • Freeware version for Oracle Express Edition
  • High data security and availability
  • Simple administration
  • Simple installation
  • No change to the database.
  • Installation in operation.
  • automatic switching of malfunctioning
  • automatic backups
  • Pre-Error-Detection (no error transfer)
  • Mirror can be used for reporting. (scheduled)
  • any numbers of mirrors (in time or delayed)
  • protection of operator errors.
  • ...
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